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FSS Fürstenberg-System-Sleeper®: naturally safe, for railroad, turnout, and bridge sleepers 

This newest generation of wooden sleeper combines the latest technical expertise from research and development to ensure that this tried-and-tested product can be used in future in a way that preserves resources and complies with the legal requirements. For this reason, this innovative system has also been registered with the European Patent Office (EPA 17 169384.9). The consistently high quality of all the wooden sleepers marketed under the brand name FSS Fürstenberg-System-Sleeper® is ensured. Likewise, the wood preservative used, which is part of the overall system, is registered with the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAUA) under the number 53171.

FSS Fürstenberg-System-Sleeper® at a glance: 

  • Mechanical pre-treatment results in fast and homogeneous drying
  • Mechanical pre-treatment significantly reduces large drying cracks 
  • Mechanical pre-treatment increases penetration even with hard-to-treat hardwoods 
  • Mechanical pre-treatment optimises the quantity applied for long-term protection
  • Wood preservative is based on natural oils
  • The oil-based product ensures a long-lasting elasticity of the wooden sleeper in the track
  • Odourless
  • All active substances meet the requirements of European biocidal legislation
  • Free of creosote and its components
  • Safe handling of the ready-to-use sleeper
  • Fixation of the preservative agent leads to a drier surface