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We are aware of our responsibility as company


We have been an active member of the WIN Charter since December 2021 and are committed to sustainability with other companies from Baden-Württemberg.

An important source of inspiration for sustainable business in Baden-Württemberg is the "Wirtschaftsinitiative Nachhaltigkeit" (WIN) as part of the sustainability strategy.

With the WIN Charter, Baden-Württemberg is the only federal state to offer a system that offers small and medium-sized companies in particular an easily implementable and transparent sustainability management system. But global corporations based in Baden-Württemberg are also part of the WIN charter, which among other things fulfills the requirements of the so-called CSR directive of the European Union for sustainability reporting. An additional chapter in the WIN Charter report enables climate-active companies to report on their commitment to climate protection in a differentiated manner.

Twelve guiding principles form the basis of the WIN Charter. In terms of content, these cover the three pillars of sustainability, consisting of the areas of economy, ecology and social issues. In addition, the twelve guiding principles of the WIN Charter stand for common basic values ??and offer points of orientation for implementation in a regional and local context.

The WIN Charter members not only implement sustainability internally, but also in the direct corporate environment - by means of a local WIN! Project. We will report on our project in more detail at a later date.

Thanks to the reports published annually, the WIN Charter members have the opportunity to credibly communicate their sustainable commitment to the outside world. This promotes a direct dialogue between the company and its stakeholders.

Networking among like-minded people shouldn't be neglected either. The half-yearly WIN-Charter workshops offer an enriching platform for networking between the WIN-Charter companies. In addition to clarifying open questions about WIN Charter processes, the participants can exchange their experiences on topics of sustainable management there.


Human and employee rights are a valuable asset and must be protected. Therefore, we are of course committed to complying with core labor standards (based on the core labor standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization)) regarding duties of care and labor standards.