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Highly absorbent on both sides: double noise absorber 

These technically complex noise protection elements are used whenever sounds needs to be absorbed on two sides.  

The element consists of horizontal upper and lower belts that are held by vertical posts on the left and right. The element has a centrally positioned, cement-bonded chipboard. Vertical half-logs are attached on both sides, with a diameter of 55 mm, at a center distance of 11 cm. They are attached to the belts on one side, and integrated into the upper and lower belts on the opposite site. There is anti-vandalism protection behind the logs, which consists of black, robust plastic mesh. 40 mm thick insulation mat with black glass fleece is then attached. This glass fleece prevents water from entering the mat. If required, additional middle belts are installed.  

Potential applications:

  • On busy roads
  • Between two noise sources (e.g. two streets)
  • Around residential areas
  • On private land
  • In public spaces 

Wall element, highly absorbent on both sides, with airborne sound insulation of DLr = 27 dB acc. to ZTV-Lsw 6, insulation group A3, and with sound absorption of DLa = 9 dB acc. to ZTV-Lsw 6 or sound absorption group A3.  

Weight of element: 55 kg/m²; component length up to 5.00 m; component height as requested