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Precise reinforcement according to customer request

A modern railroad, turnout, or bridge sleeper is much more than just a square piece of impregnated timber. Adequate reinforcement of impregnated sleepers is indispensable to ensure smooth rail traffic. We adapt this service completely to customer requirements. We meet the technical requirements for the installation of all standard types of superstructures, and for special tasks, such as durable bonding of corrugated panels. We can supply the small fittings required for this, or we can use fittings supplied by the customer. We deliver ready-to-install sleepers on time to the construction site.

It is not necessary to store them at the respective railway depots.

Reinforcement at a glance:  

  • Installation of all standard types of superstructures
  • Special solutions for special sleepers
  • Installation of iron components that are provided by us or by the customer
  • Strict compliance with the required standards and regulations
  • Easy handling of sleepers on-site
  • Logistics solution to ensure timely deliveries to construction sites
  • Warehouse optimization for our customers