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Known and valued worldwide

Fürstenberg wooden poles and gardening wood are part of our comprehensive product portfolio for the infrastructure sector. They come in part from our own forests, and have undergone a thorough quality assurance process.  

Patents prove the innovative strength of our company. We are seen as a technology leader in the field of poles thanks to the Fürstenberg-Permadur®-System and Fürstenberg-PermadurZ®-Bandage.  

The Fürstenberg-Permadur®-System provides reliable protection of wooden poles from mechanical and biological damage. It allows us to grant 15-year guarantee!  

We use both latest and proven techniques, such as wood moisture measurement and environmentally friendly preservation methods. Constant exchange of information with trade associations and committees ensures that our technology is always up-to-date. Our own research and development also significantly contributes to it.  

This has brought us respected customers in the energy and telecommunications sectors, from Germany, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.