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Reflective noise protection works like a mirror

Reflective noise barriers reflect sound, a bit like a mirror reflects light. A sound insulation element consists of horizontal upper and lower belts that are held by vertical posts on the left and right. On the sound side, a vertical tongue-and-groove formwork is attached to the belts. Alternatively, additional vertical half-logs may be attached for aesthetic reasons, with a diameter of 55 mm, at a center distance of 11 cm (see sections). If required, additional middle belts are installed.  

Potential applications:

  • Along main roads
  • Small and large protected areas around private gardens or private plots
  • Along busy industrial and business areas 

Wall element, reflective on both sides, with airborne sound insulation of DLr = 28 dB acc. to ZTV-Lsw 06, insulation group B3.  

Weight of element: 38 kg/m²; component length up to 5.00 m; component height as requested  

Holzelement_Modell FAS-R_Längsschnitt.pdf