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Gardening wood: classic and elegant - for gardening and landscaping

Due to its versatility, wood is a preferred material for external applications. Our timber types, such as spruce, pine, larch, beech, oak, black locust, and Douglas fir come from best growing regions. They are closely monitored in the production process, and reliably delivered - whether as standard or special assortment, which we are happy to prepare on request:

  • Milled palisades, poles, and half round logs
  • Debarked logs (e.g. vineyard posts)
  • Hail protection poles and hop poles
  • Construction timber in all processing stages

Logs are processed, sorted, and impregnated in wood furnaces according to DIN regulations, a process that is computer-controlled. All European softwood and hardwood species can be used for professional port equipment, in all custom ranges and diameters, from 4cm poles to thickest logs.