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From pallet-wood to high-quality veneer logs

The core business of our Starkholzhof consists of the purchase and mechanical processing of round timber for the sawing industry. It is important to us to buy our wood as regionally as possible. The forest of our owner, princly family zu Fürstenberg, and other surrounding forest operations are our first point of contact for this. Sustainable forest management is a matter of course for our suppliers and many have the appropriate certifications. The wood is inspected by our experienced employees directly in the forest. In the factory in Hüfingen, the wood is then debarked on our calibrated system, measured and - according to the customer specifications for quality, length and diameter - divided. Our customers only receive the sections that they need for further processing. Services such as debarking and division in contract work and also includes the provision of storage space (dry and wet storage), loading services and testing of wood moisture by weighing and drying extend our product range. Thanks to the convenient location of our company premises with an existing siding, we are also able to provide rail laoding from single wagons up to block trains.

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Our wood yard at a glance

  • Round timber for the sawmill industry and log house construction
  • All common types of wood, mainly: spruce and fir
  • Modern surveying and control systems
  • Manufacturing according to customer needs
  • By-products: bark mulch
  • Services: storage, loading, atro testing