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Our quality timber products: sleepers, noise protection, wooden poles and gardening wood

We are one of the leading manufacturers of an extensive range of high-quality wooden poles, sleepers, timbers for gardening and landscaping, as well as noise protection solutions. We stand for highest-level expertise in consulting and development, very flexible production options, and outstanding machinery.

We ensure that our employees at the various locations have the necessary skills, and are committed to the job. We have excellent logistics, a large network, and excellent contacts to all relevant associations.

We are known as a technology leader and we always aim to deliver products and services in the best quality.

Therefore well-known European railway, telecommunications and energy supply companies rely on our comprehensive product range.

Wooden poles and gardening wood: Wooden poles with all standard preservation methods and designs, with Fürstenberg-Permadur®-System and Fürstenberg-PermadurZ®-Bandage, wood moisture measurement and additional processing stages. Wood for gardening and landscaping - such as palisades, poles, half-timbers, hail protection poles and hop poles. 

Sleepers: in all versions, in all types of wood with various reinforcements, impregnated both with Sleeper-Protect and creosote. 

Noise protection: Reflective, highly absorbent on one side, highly absorbent on both sides, for public and private areas, custom solutions and wall panels.