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FSS Fürstenberg-System-Sleeper®NATURALLY SAFE

This latest generation wooden sleeper combines the current insights from research and development with the ecological aspect of renewable/sustainable raw materials. The SystemSleeper combines the principles of the wooden sleeper which has been used for centuries and combines these with innovative aspects:

  • a mechanical pre-treatment by slit perforation (incising) which is new in Europe
  • use of alternative oily wood preservatives
  • impregnation processes specific to wood species
    a. single impregnation for Oak
    b. double impregnation for Beech and Pine

It is a high-quality alternative to the creosote treated sleepers and is intended to ensure the use of wooden sleepers in the track superstructure even beyond a ban of creosote.

The system has been registered with the European Patent Office (EPA 17169384.9). This ensures that all sold FSS are of consistently high quality.

FSS Fürstenberg-System-Sleeper® AT A GLANCE

Mechanical pre-treatment:

  • accelerated and more homogeneous drying
  • reduces drying cracks
  • increases penetration
  • optimizes the retention for long-term protection

Alternative oily wood preservatives:

  • alternative oils as the basis for wood preservatives
  • hydrophobic, thus long-term elasticity of the wooden sleeper
  • free from tar oils and their components
  • all active ingredients meet the requirements of the European biocidal legislation
  • low odour

For more detailed information you can download our flyer here.