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Fürstenberg-THP Climate-Notification

Durable wood products store an enormous amount of CO2 over their entire service life.

Products such as our wooden poles and garden timbers made of spruce or pine store an average of
approx. 803 kg CO2/cbm. For products made from hardwoods (oak/beech) such as railroad sleepers,
the value is even higher at approx. 1,164 kg CO2/cbm.

This means that with the purchase of every high-quality impregnated wood product, YOU make a significant
contribution to CO2 storage. In order to make this clear and accessible to all interest groups, you will
now receive an annual climate notification in which the CO2 storage quantity of the products of the products
you have purchased.

If you have not yet received your Climate Notification, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your contact person for the Climate Notification:
Andreas Ewald, phone: + 49 771 897 828 25, e-mail: