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Fürstenberg-THP and Holzhof Hüfingen now belong together

Fürstenberg-THP GmbH took over the business operations and employees of Holzhof Hüfingen GmbH & Co. KG on July 1, 2020, thereby significantly expanding its range. After we have massively strengthened the Hüfingen site in recent years by building a new impregnation plant and gradually expanding the production facilities for processing railway sleepers, we are now taking a further step into the future with the takeover of the Holzhof.

The merger of our companies located on the same site offers both good opportunities for further development. Fürstenberg-THP can expand its product portfolio and, with Bernhard Gulde, the previous owner of the Holzhof, gains an employee with decades of experience in the log business. Gulde, in turn, will be able to use the technical and personnel infrastructure available at Fürstenberg-THP in the future.

Since the two companies are an ideal match, we are convinced that the merger will result in many synergy effects. For example in the procurement of logs for the production of electricity and telephone poles or in the operation of a transshipment point for wood from the surrounding forests. The need for this type of facility is great. The forestry offices are looking for storage facilities with the appropriate infrastructure for the temporary storage and loading of wood from the wind throws of spring and the wood volumes that are expected in summer due to the feared beetle infestation. Due to the expansion of the company premises by the areas of the timber yard, the good contacts to the surrounding forestry offices and the existing machinery, you see yourself well equipped for this.

The chances for successful further development are also good in the Holzhof's core business, the purchase and optimization of logs for the sawing industry.