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Preservation to ensure optimal wood protection and long-term usability

Wood that is used outdoors needs effective protection against fungi and insects. This is the only way to ensure its durability and cost-effectiveness. We impregnate in industrial plants, using different methods depending on the application. We have decades of experience in using impregnating agents, both from renowned manufacturers and our in-house test plant, according to the latest technology standards.

Fürstenberg impregnation at a glance:

  • Impregnation plants on an industrial scale
  • Annual impregnation capacity approx. 60,000 m3
  • Use of impregnating agents from renowned manufacturers and development partnerships (our own test facility)
  • Continuous wood moisture measurement to ensure that the timber is dry
  • In timbers that are difficult to impregnate, the ground/air zone is perforated beforehand
  • Types of timber preservation:
    • Salt impregnation using vacuum pressure for dry wood (moisture content 25 - 35%)
    • Salt impregnation using alternating pressure for moist wood (moisture content 80 - 100%)
    • Coal tar at the foot of the pole using a tripod method
    • Fürstenberg-Permadur®System for extra protection of the ground/air zone
    • Preservation using impregnating oils according to the European regulations
    • Development and impregnation with new wood preservatives