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  • We take care about wood. 
    For almost 100 years.


  • We have no jobs, 
    but attitudes.


  • Only genuine quality 
    makes it a tradition.

    Wooden posts

  • On a good pole 
    depends a lot of responsibility.

    Wooden poles

  • Protection barrier in line 
    with our nature.


  • Durable and ready to bulit in – 
    our sleepers master 
    great tasks.



We deliver high-quality sleepers for railroads, turnouts, and bridges in all standard dimensions, and in all processing stages. They have been tested throughout Europe, and have a service life of 30 - 40 years. We continuously test and improve their quality through research and development.

Noise protection

Our visually attractive noise barriers blend naturally into the landscape. We are the only company using timber with RAL Quality Mark, and we only produce custom-made goods. Our engineering team completes all stages of a job, from consulting and planning to implementation and structural analysis.